Atlantis: Twilight of Mankind

before the roman empire...
before ancient egypt...
there was Atlantis.

The most magnificent city of the ancient world, a metropolis governed directly by the gods, hotbed of innovation and experimentation in the realms of engineering, politics, genetics.

Home to more than one dark secret.

D'Akaio is the son of a god, and not just any god — R'zuus, one of the Four. But D'Akaio's father is not content with being one of many; he craves preeminence. The tasks he sets before his son will shift the balance of power and give rise to one of the greatest legends of the ancient world.

Adana is half sister to D'Akaio. Unlike her daring brother, no immortal blood flows through her veins. She is just a girl, content to find joy in her quiet existence. But the City is a dangerous place for one such as she, home to many who are accustomed to taking what they want. She will find herself swept up in events outside her control, party to a conflict older than time itself.

Little do they know, there is another player in this game. And Atlantis does not fit into his plans...

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